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Tangerine Club March 23 1989

This is a video which was shot by Mama Wall, Dave Wall's mother. It was provided to me by Dave. It is a 50 minute collection of clips and entire songs from their Tangerine Club show on March 23 1989. I'm not sure of some of the song names. It contains the song Destruction which was on "A First Taste Of Bourbon" cassette. This is the second earliest recording of the band I have come across and you can see in the video cameos by Peter Mercier and Kate Fenner who was not a full time member at the time. This is also pre Gene Hardy era featuring Sean James on Saxophone.

Wash Your Hands
Rescue Me
The Down
So You're Leaving Me
Baby I Love You -> Good Advice
Make Em Laugh (part)
I Want To Thank You
I Have To Give It To You
Stand Out
I Can Be The Judge Of That
Sweet Sacrifice
Disco Inferno

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The zipped version can also be downloaded by righ clicking here and saving the file to your computer. The quality of the MOV file is much better than the flash file which can be viewed above.