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First Taste Of Bourbon

Source : Cassette   Released: May 1987   Company: Applaud The Potato Records

This is the first Cassette released by BTC in 1987 while the band was still in High School. Part of the prize for winning the High School Battle Of The Bands was studio time. This is the product of those sessions. I believe only one hundred exist at most. This was provided to me by Graham King - the original drummer for the band.

Band Memebers:

Chris Miller - Guitar
Andrew Whiteman - Guitars, Vocals
John Buck - Trumpet
Kate Fenner - Vocals
Andrew MacEachern - Percussion
Peter Mercier - Vocals, Guitar
Christopher Plock - Vocals, Saxes, Flute
Graham King - Drums
Jason Mercer - Bass
Christopher Brown - Organ, Vocals


1. Bad (Brown)   2:54   
2. Destruction (Brown)   4:32   
3. Work (Plock)   3:41   
Total Time: 11:07

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