Bourbon Tabernacle Choir Live

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The Diamond Club - Toronto, ON March 4 1989

Source : VHS -> DV -> AIF -> MP3
Created by: Darrin Cappe

This Audio is taken from the Video of the show which was provided by Dave Wall. The Video can be found here. It was shot by Mama Wall on VHS and was transferred to DV where the audio was extracted as an AIF file, slightly equalized and converted to MP3s. I'm not sure of some of the song names. This is the earliest recording of the band I have come across. This is also pre Gene Hardy era featuring Sean James on Saxophone.

01. Domino   0:48
02. Stand Out   2:03
03. I Can Be The Judge Of That   3:32| Sound Sample
04. So You're Leaving Me   3:18
05. The Down   2:31
06. Baby I Love You -> Good Advice   5:25
07. Sweet Sacrifice   5:23
08. Watch Your Head   2:25
09. Find It Out   3:19
10. I Can't Get Next To You   3:56
Total Time: 32:40