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Other People's Heavens - Chris Brown and Kate Fenner

Source : CD   Released: 1997   Company: b-music

First album released by the duo of Chris Brown and Kate Fenner. Some of the songs from this album were originally played live by BTC and recorded for the aborted 3rd proper Bourbon Tabernacle Choir album of the same name. Other songs such as Stop The Presses and Sheriff did not make the cut.

1. Snow   5:23   
2. Claim The Ashes   5:12   
3. Resistance   4:48   
4. Prisoners Of Yesterday   5:10   
5. Time Murder Ballad   4:25   
6. Whoever Built This Would Never Live Here   4:48   
7. Apology   4:26   
8. Supply And Demand   5:23   
9. Bleed   3:52   
10. Pigeons   4:00   
11. Lift You Up   4:23   
Total Time: 51:43

chris brown - clavinet, organ, wurlitzer, guitar, vocals
kate fenner - vocals, guitar
pete prilesnik - bass, acoustic and electric guitars
al cross, gavin brown & matt dimatteo - drums
jurij konje - percussion
andrew whiteman - tres
don kerr - cello

produced by pete prilesnik with chris brown
engineered and mixed by pete prilesnik
additional engineering by eric ratz, matt dimatteo and aliio annibalini
assistant engineers at phase - scott lake, mark erlenmayer, bill hermans, sean edmonson
programming by alex greggs with pete and domenick macri
'supply and demand' mixed by eric ratz
recorded at presence studios, toronto, canada
mixed at presence and phase one studios, toronto, canada
editing by bret zilahi at metalworks
mastered by howie weinberg at masterdisk, nyc
cover photo & snapshots by cb, all other photos by nick cardillichio
layout & design by helios (
art direction by cb, kt, helios